Invisa-RED™ at Core Zone Wellness: Transform Your Body

Welcome to Core Zone Wellness, where we're dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals with the most advanced treatments available. We are thrilled to introduce Invisa-RED™, the latest breakthrough in non-invasive body transformation technology. With the power of Invisa-RED™, we offer you a scientifically backed and FDA-approved solution for weight reduction, fat reduction, and inch loss.

Why Choose Invisa-RED™?

Invisa-RED at Core Zone Wellness


Non-Invasive and Safe: Unlike invasive surgical procedures, Invisa-RED™ targets fat cells without harming surrounding tissue for fat loss and figure improvement.


Efficient and Effective: Treatment sessions are quick (15 – 20 minutes), with effects starting within just two minutes, continuing to burn fat for hours post-treatment.


Personalized Treatments: Each individual's needs are unique, Invisa-RED™ treatments are tailored considering several factors including the treatment area, skin tone, and severity.

How Invisa-RED™ Works

The secret behind Invisa-RED™ lies in its ability to stimulate cellular respiration, enhance lymphatic function, and supercharge your metabolism through the synthesis of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The dual coherent laser wavelengths (red at 680nm and infrared at 980nm) create a photobiostimulation effect on cellular metabolism, achieving a high energy density absorption into cells and deeper penetration into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This process leads to:

  • Fat Utilization as Energy: The supercharged metabolism uses fat as an energy source, which is then excreted from the body through the lymphatic system.
  • Increased Blood Flow and Oxygen Saturation: This enhances cellular respiration, transforming oxygen into ATP, and boosting natural metabolic processes to utilize stored fat.
  • Collagen and Elastin Production: The treatment not only reduces fat but also improves skin texture by producing more collagen and elastin, reducing cellulite and fading stretch marks.

Discover the Power of Invisa-RED™ Technology

Invisa-RED™ iR ELITE is the only device of its kind that's received FDA approval and is supported by clinical evidence to guarantee results in weight reduction, fat loss, and inch reduction. This innovative technology harnesses a unique combination of red and infrared laser light energy at specific frequencies to penetrate deeply into adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat), triggering significant cellular responses and stimulating your body’s natural metabolism.
Begin Your Transformation Journey Today
At Core Zone Wellness, we're committed to providing you with cutting-edge treatments that make your health and wellness goals achievable. With Invisa-RED™, you're not just undergoing a treatment; you're embarking on a journey to a healthier, more confident you. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring personalized care tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the transformative power of Invisa-RED™ at Core Zone Wellness and take the first step towards a slimmer, more toned body. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover how Invisa-RED™ can help you achieve the results you've always dreamed of.

Transform your body. Elevate your wellness. Discover Invisa-RED™.


Why Choose Core Zone Wellness?

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